Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) recently included Dr. Chong in a video on their website. Health is of the utmost importance and sometimes we need a little support in our journey. Our office has been referring patients to HMSA Health Services for three years now. With Susanna’s guidance, many of our patients have made incremental changes leading to healthier lifestyles. Through meetings, phone calls, and group sessions, Susanna has helped patients build new habits and become healthier on their own terms.

Before Ewa Beach resident Gina Sakuma met with HMSA Health Coach Susanna Taylor, she struggled with chronic acid reflux and weight management. Thanks to Susanna’s one-on-one guidance, Gina found new strategies and a positive outlook on life. Learn more in this video about HMSA’s dedicated team of care managers, who are one of many teams helping to create a healthier Hawaii. #teamHMSA

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