We have had great experiences with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in our office. This procedure has helped many of our patients. Here, one them tells you about his experience.

Q: What injury or pain were you experiencing prior to Platelet Rich Plasma?
A: I couldn’t walk. My knee locked out and used crutches before coming into the office. I had major pain in my knee, difficulty sleeping, and it would not bend.

Q: What were some ways you tried to deal with this injury before PRP?
A: I visited a chiropractor, which helped, but not much. PRP is what stopped the pain.

Q: In your own words, what is Platelet Rich Plasma?
A: Healing factors of blood which are re-injected to expedite the recovery process.

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Q: Could you please describe your experience of the procedure in Dr. Chong’s Office?
A: It was really fast and painless. Highly recommended! Since the last 2 years, massive changes. Dramatically less swelling, increased range of motion. I am now able to go to jiu jitsu and have zero pain.
Q: How has your injury changed, improved or otherwise?
A: Swelling and inflammation has gone down — almost couldn’t tell that I was injured.

Q: Would you recommend this procedure to others? If so, why?
A: Yes, it’s a good alternative before surgery. I like the shorter recovery time and that I can return to daily activities. I prefer the non-invasive methods and treatments.

Q: Compared to other forms of treatment (i.e. surgery, physical therapy, or pain management therapies), do you prefer the PRP treatment?
A: Yes, I prefer treatment. No cutting!
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