Patient Education Videos
MSMP and Ohana Health Plan

Dr. Blane Chong is a member of the MSMP Physician Organization, a collaboration of doctors who each provide primary care services through their own private practices.

A Physician Organization (PO) helps provide support, membership, and initiatives to private practices that would otherwise be impossible without a hospital or large organization.

MSMP PO recently partnered with ‘Ohana Health Plan for the iPad on a Stick Project. With the support from ‘Ohana, the MSMP Care Team has created informational videos for patients to watch. Rather than doing nothing while waiting to see their provider, patients can use their down time to watch these videos and learn. Each video is intended to help increase patient education and help them to understand some health services that may be available to them.

To start, the MSMP Care Team created two videos: “Making the Most of Your Visit” and “Colorectal Cancer Screening.” Additional videos will be created in the near future.

Enjoy the videos below. We hope you learn something new!

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