As the field of health is ever growing, so too are our services. More services are to come.


Dr. Blane Chong is a licensed partner of Prolon. Prolon is a 5 day dietary program that provides the health benefits of fasting while still being able to eat. This program has a number of benefits including healthy aging, weight loss, and cellular rejuvenation.

People who order through Dr. Chong’s link receive $90 off of their box. Our office also provides health coaching for participants who opt to complete the program with members of our office. Contact our office for more information or to complete your order.

NuSkin Pharmanex Skin Scanner

Our office features the Pharmanex Skin Scanner 3, which scans your skin to measure carotenoid antioxidant levels. This painless, 30-second scan helps determine your health in reference to aging and immune health. The higher the score the better.

Scores are affected by diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, and supplements. Find out what your score is today!

Sports Lube – Uberlube

Athletes at every level experience chafing and other skin conditions related to exercise. This is seen in runners, all sports that require running, bicyclists, swimmers, and paddlers. Lube can be used to help prevent and ease these conditions by lubricating the and preventing friction. Our office is a proud vendor of Uberlube for people who complain of chafing and blistering. Please contact us for more information.