Having participated in a variety of sports from a young age, Dr. Chong’s passion for setting and exceeding physical goals started early in life. After discovering his love of powerlifting, he began entering and winning various competitions throughout the state.

As an athlete, Dr. Chong’s goal has always been to better himself by maximizing his performance. As a doctor caring for athletes with similar goals, his treatment of his patients reflects that.

From regenerative medicine therapy to ultrasounds, Dr. Chong’s skills in evaluating and treating sports injuries are only matched by his passion for improving both physically and mentally.

Always seeking ways to maximize athletic performance and rehabilitate sports-related injuries, Dr. Chong has developed his expertise in delivering PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections.

Doctor’s Orders

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Quality Care, Every Step Of The Way

Regenerative Medicine Therapy

In the vein of regenerative medicine, our office is proud to offer PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to eligible patients. This regenerative medicine therapy harnesses the body’s inherent ability to heal itself by using the body’s own cellular components to accelerate the healing process.

Little To No Downtime

The PRP procedure is done 100% in-office, and takes no more than an hour.

Once complete, the majority of patients are able to resume normal activity within weeks.

Less Pain, Longer.

Studies have shown that when compared to similar procedures such as cortisone injections and hyaluronic acid, the pain and inflammation-reducing effects of PRP has been seen to outlast those experienced by cortisone injections alone.

We have experienced great success treating the following common conditions:

Osteoarthritis of the thumb

Tennis & Golfer’s elbow

Partial tears of the rotator cuff

Tendonitis of the hand & wrist

Knee osteoarthritis

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles tendonitis

Carpal tunnel trigger finger